Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Middle School Graduates 2010

We have come so far, remember back in grade 1? Think about how much we've all changed since then. I remember looking into middle school classrooms and seeing Mrs. D's math equations on the board and saying to myself: 'I will never be able to do math like that! Why are there letters there anyway?'. When I was in grade 2 I thought the middle school kids were so big and scary and tried to stay away from them as much as possible, now we're all one of those big, scary kids and soon we will be even bigger! We'll be high schoolers.

Look at the work we're doing now, if I saw how big all those history projects were in lower school I would have screamed. School work isn't all that's changed from lower school either, we have different after school and out of school activities too. Now we play more sports and we are much better at them than when we were little. Out of school lots of people dance, swim, horseback ride and many other things! Some of us are even getting summer jobs, nothing we ever even thought of in lower school.

Our friendships are even different now, some of us still have the some of the same friends from way back then, but we do different things now. Now we go to parties, when we were all little the only parties we went to were birthday parties. A lot of us go shopping with our friends now too, I remember when my mom picked out all of my clothes! Now we also have dances, remember when we thought the opposite gender had cooties?

When I was little I was such a different person in every way! I'm sure most of you were too! Even the music I listened to, I remember being obsessed with Hilary Duff. I was also very shy, I wouldn't even call people on the phone, now I'm on the phone 24/7! Try thinking back to what you were like in lower school? It's very weird to think of how different you were, it almost seems like that wasn't you! When we're in grade 12 and thinking about graduating I bet we'll look back at our grade 8 selves and think somewhat the same things that we're thinking of about our lower school selves.

So, try looking back at some old photos of yourself when you were a kid, maybe dig out some old home videos. Think about how much we've changed! I know that I've changed so much even from grade 7 to now! It's very weird to think of how you were back then. We've all come so far and now we have to take another big step into high school. Good luck!

-Fiona XOX

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Laziness is something that most people deal with every day, whether you notice it or not, everyone tries to avoid work or something in favor of lying on the couch watching TV. But for some people it's much worse, it gets to the point that you never work and spend all your time lying on the couch or sitting at the computer. Laziness can affect many things in your life, it can affect your work or school, your relationships and your physical health. Everyone is somewhat lazy, but when it comes to an extreme point it can really take a toll on your life.

Laziness affects your work and school because while at the workplace or your school you don't work very hard and just push it off until later, but when later arrives you still choose your computer over work. Soon enough it will become a habit, you will be so used to not doing any work you just never will. Once it becomes a habit it can very quickly get to the extreme point. Laziness often starts with work, then it spreads to other parts of your life.

It can affect your personal relationships by not going to see your friends and family as much, preferring to stay at home, in your comfort zone. Your comfort zone also gets smaller as you get lazier, because you go to less places and become accustomed to staying in your own home. So, you see your friends and family less and soon your bond becomes thinner and thinner and you can easily lose some friends and become less close to family.

Quickly laziness will make you unhealthy. When you become lazier you don't go to places as much, so instead of going to the gym or going for run you might watch TV. The things you eat also get worse, the faster meals that fill you up are normally more unhealthy. Even walking around less makes you unhealthier, walking does not make a major difference in your weight, but every little bit does help, and if you cut down walking greatly every day then you would quickly weigh more.

So, laziness can start of easily and harmlessly, but it can evolve into something bigger and very unhealthy. It normally starts with putting off doing work, then you get into a habit of never working. Then you go out less and don't see your friends or family as much and bonds weaken. Finally, you aren't as active and don't exercise as much, so you become very unhealthy. You also eat worse foods for your body. So, try to notice when you're putting off a lot of work and when it becomes a habit, because it can evolve into something worse.

-Fiona XOX

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tim Horton's Vs. Starbucks

This is the debate I have every Tuesday night, I can go to Starbucks or Tim Horton's. They are both great places to get a little snack and a nice warm drink. Tim Horton's is the classic Canadian coffee place, which every Canadian loves. In Canada if you drive in any direction in a city I guarantee you will pass a Tim Horton's. Starbucks is harder to come across, and is certainly not as Canadian as Tim Hortons, but those drinks are just too delicious to resist.
On one hand, Tim Horton's is less costly than Starbucks and has more snack options like many different doughnuts, timbits, sandwiches and soup. I really find it amazing that in this day and age you can get a sandwich, coffee and a doughnut for under $8!!! The soup is also a comforting lunch. Although, I've found with Tim Horton's drinks, like my favorite, the french vanilla cappuccino, are way too hot! You have to wait about 20 minutes just so it doesn't burn your tongue! I also wish Tim Horton's had those sleeves for the cup so it isn't too hot to hold. Sometimes the drinks are a bit too watery as well, which you won't find at Starbucks.

On the other hand, Starbucks drinks are pure perfection. The way the hot drink feels, especially on a cold winter day, is just amazing. For me having a Starbucks drink completely brightens my day, tasting that delicous drink always brings a smile to my face. The sharp, white cup with the classy green logo on it just tops it all off. When I walk out from Starbucks I always feel proud. The food there is also great! The paninis are to die for! But, the prices are outrageous. They very much over-price everything! A lot of people just can't get Starbucks drinks or snacks because of how crazily high their prices are.

So I can't choose between Starbucks or Tim Hortons, they are both really great. The Starbucks drinks are always perfect, but are highly over-priced. The Tim Horton's soup and sandwiches are always amazing and at such good prices, but the drinks don't have the same quality as Starbucks. So, choose for yourself, sometimes I will indulge at Starbucks, but other times I'll just enjoy a nice Tim Horton's doughnut. So it's your choice, I think they're both great!

-Fiona XOX

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Monday, May 3, 2010


In the car as I got nearer to my destination I got increasingly nervous. My stomach felt like it was in a million knots, my head was spinning, my heart was beating a mile a minute, my breathing increased, i got clammy hands, all I could think about was what I was about to do and I truthfully thought I would puke. These all increased as I got closer and closer to where I was going.

These are all symptoms that most people get when they get nervous. Different things make people nervous, some people have stage fright and when forced to perform on stage or speak publicly they have all those symptoms and try their hardest to get out of it. Some people are nervous of heights, so if they have to go in a plane they are freaking out the whole flight. There are some people who get nervous of everyday things that we find normal, like uncleanliness, sharp objects, sometimes something as random as ducks can really terrify people.

As I entered the doors of the building I truly thought I would faint. I did not know how I could possibly do this and I wanted nothing more than to just go home and hide in my room. Why did I ever want to do this?! As I approached the stage my hands were shaking and my legs were moving awkwardly. When I stepped into the centre of the runway and saw everyone looking at me I could've fainted, but as I started to walk down my confidence got higher. I realized I knew what I was doing and could actually do this. There was nothing to be afraid of, what did I have to lose? I was no longer nervous!

Most of the nervousness people feel is before actually doing whatever it is they are afraid of, it is mainly anxiety. To help get rid of anxiety or nervousness some tricks are: to drink water before you go on stage, it helps clear your body and mind. Trace a figure 8 on your hand, it has a soothing sensation. Be well prepared, if you know what you are doing you will be more confident because you will be less likely to mess up. You can also set something fun up for afterwards so you'll have something to look forward to and something else to think about. Once you are actually there, speaking in front of that crowd or in the airplane soaring over the world, you start to feel better. You soon realize there is nothing to be afraid of! You can do this, what have you really got to lose? After you have finished your speech or show you think to yourself: "How could I have ever been afraid of that? It was so easy! I could definitely do that any day."

There, I was done. That wasn't so bad! What was I so afraid of? I was so silly! Now everyones eyes were off me and were judging another girl, who was also as nervous as I was. As I watched her I could see her gradually get more confident and self-assured as she walked down the runway. As she got off the runway she looked relieved. All of us were going through the same thing. First we were excited, then as the event approached we got nervous, very nervous. As each of us stepped onto the runway and could feel the burning of the crowds eyes all of us could have fainted, or puked... or both. Then as we walked down the runway we got more confident! As each of us stepped off the stage and it was over we were all very much relieved.

Everyone gets nervous. Every single person you know has been nervous in their life. Even the people who you think are extremely confident have been nervous, they've just learned to overcome it. Although, you can't completely overcome nervousness, there will always be a small part of you that will be a bit scared, you just learn to ignore it. Even the biggest celebrities get nervous before they perform. Most performers have rituals they do before they go on stage to help relax them and get themselves ready.

Now everyone was waiting for the results, you could feel the tension in the air. Some of the anxiety was back, but we all knew there was nothing else we could do, it was done. Finally, the results were ready. "Fiona Burnett," the announcer called. A wide smile slowly spread on my face as I came into realization. This was it, this was why I went through all that anxiety. It was truly worth it.

So, it's natural to be nervous, but it's never as bad as you think it will be. When you're nervous just try those tricks that I mentioned before and tell yourself that it won't be bad and think about the up sides of what you're doing. You won't be able to stop yourself from being nervous ever, but don't worry about that. The older you get and the more things that you do that scare you the more experience you would have.

-Fiona XOX

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Justin Bieber compared to MJ?!

Justin Bieber being compared to Michael Jackson?! WHAT?! I just heard about him being compared to MJ! I would have never imagined that he would be compared to the King of Pop. Michael Jackson has been around for a very long time and worked very hard to get his title, but now teenage Justin Bieber is being compared to that!

Michael Jackson definitely worked long and hard to get his title of: 'The King of Pop". He started performing at a very young age and was singing until he died. Although, he was a bit weird, but most really great singers are. Michael Jackson did some strange things in his life, but he continuously made good music. His hard work and great music gave him his title, he greatly deserved it.

Justin Bieber on the other hand is just in his teens and has only been popular for about 6 months. Justin Bieber is really no different than any other pop singer today. Michael Jackson was amazing because he changed music for ever. Justin Bieber is just copying every other pop singer. Justin Bieber's music isn't even good and the only people who like him are crazy teenage girls who like him for his looks and by this time next year those girls will have moved on to some other singer.

So, I think it is completely unfair for Justin Bieber to be called 'The New King of Pop' because Michael worked long and hard for that title and changed pop music forever. Michael Jackson was also loved by many different people, unlike Justin Bieber fans who are just teenage girls. Michael Jackson will be remembered forever as the true 'King of Pop', while Justin Bieber is just a silly fad that will soon pass.

-Fiona XOX

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Sunday, April 18, 2010


I think that being able to travel to all these different places is a very great thing. Going to different countries can be such an eye opener, because all these different countries have different cultures, religions and different ways of life! I think that it is so interesting to see them. It's very different seeing people in exotic places in pictures or movies, you have to really be there to feel how different it is. Like when we're shown videos from World Vision and other organizations they show us the people they help, what they're doing and where they are, but once you actually see people like the people who are being helped by World Vision in person it's so different and has so much more meaning.

Many people haven't had the experience of traveling, but fortunately many people at our school have been able to. If you can travel I think it's a bit of a waste if you just stay in your sheltered resort instead of actually going around and seeing how people really live there! I know so many people who have travelled to these exotic, interesting places, but have just stayed in their resort, sun bathing by the pool. I think that it is a waste of being in an amazing place and just lying by a pool, which you could do at home. Every time I travel I try to take advantage of what is offered to me and I think that people should do the same. Every place has different things that it can teach you. From traveling I have learned so much, I would be a very different person if I hadn't gotten the opportunity to go to the places I have.

When I travel I love to actually go into a real city where people from wherever I am actually live. While I was in Africa we didn't even stay in a resort. We travelled around with a group and went to different hotels. We were always safe and still guarded, but we weren't completely closed in. I got to meet people who really lived in the bad areas of Africa. We went to what's called a "Shanty Town", which is a small place where very poor people make homes from discarded cardboard, sheets of metal, corrugated iron, etc. The people who lived there were in such an awful place, yet they seemed happy. Those people were happy with everything they had, they never wasted anything. Everyone there treated each other like family and always helped each other. It made me think that if they have such a bad life and treat each other so well, why can't we? We live such an amazing life yet we always complain and I never heard any of those people complain about anything once.

This weekend my cousin came to visit me, she had just come back from backpacking through Asia. Before she was in Asia she was in University in Australia for environmental studies and tourism. She told me about all these experiences she has had with traveling. My family has travelled a lot, mainly backpacking. Almost all of my cousins have gone backpacking, whether it be in Asia, Africa or South America. When I'm done high school I also plan on backpacking. From everything I have heard about it it seems like such an amazing experience. You can learn so many things. My cousin who just got back from backpacking in Asia said she probably learned more things from traveling than she did in University. My family while traveling always met local people, while backpacking they relied on local people. They were always amazed at the different cultures and how different every place really was! For instance, in Asia they drink tea like water. Everywhere my cousin went they always had free hot water and had so many different teas for sale. Now that she's home she still drinks tea about 7 times a day.

So, I think that traveling is a great experience, but can be wasted if you don't take the opportunity to actually see the cultural side of it, not just soaking up the sun. I strongly encourage everyone that next time they travel to get out of the resort and actually go into a real part of the country. I also think that after high school traveling is a great thing to do if you have the chance. My cousin said it changed her life so much and that if she hadn't traveled she would have probably would have studied business in Canada, instead she studied the environment in Australia. You can learn some really great things while traveling, that I can't explain, no video or picture or person can ever really show you what it's like. You have to see it and feel it for yourself. Traveling is really something that I hold close to my heart because it has helped me learn so many important things and has really changed who I am today.

-Fiona XOXO

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

When I was younger....

Remember when you were younger? I mean when you were really young, like age 5 or 6. Think about your life when you were that old, then compare it to your life now. Think about your friends when you were little, why did you like them? Think about how you acted and what you did for fun. Think about what you had fights about. What were your favorite things in life? Chances are you played with those friends because your parents were friends. You acted how you did because it's how your parents or teachers told you to and most young children act the same! For fun you probably swung on the swings, played on the playground, made mud pies after the rain in your sandbox. You probably also had fights about not getting that toy you really wanted, or your parents not letting you have ice cream at 8 AM. Your favorite thing was probably Lacy, your stuffed penguin. All those things are so simple!

Now, ask your self the same questions, but with your life now. They're much different, right? Things are more complicated now and people are more different. Now you like your friends for many different reasons, but now when you think of your friends you can also think of things you don't like about them. When you were little you probably didn't have any reasons not to like a friend other than the fact that they stole your favorite red crayon two days ago. Now everyone acts so differently from each other! And the things people do are very different! One person might love to draw, while another might love to play soccer! Now the things we fight about are also very different, now we fight about so and so ditching you at lunch or deleting you as a Facebook friend. And your cell phone and laptop is now your favorite thing! See how much more complicated things are?

With how much has changed in about seven years imagine how much more it will change! When you're older, let's say around 22 your answers to those questions will be very different again! And chances are when you think back to what your answers are now you'll think: "Wow, I was so silly! Things are much more complicated now!" Then you'll be even older! Now let's think about your answers when you're 70! Those are very hard to even imagine now!

So, you see how much things will change in your life. But, in my opinion, when your 5 or 70 that is when you're the smartest. When you're 5 years old you may not be book smart, but with friends and family you're smart. When you're very young you hardly ever fight with your friends and your fights with your family last about 5 minutes and always end with a bear hug. When you're 70 you are very knowledgeable about many things. By then you probably have one thing, or maybe more, that you know everything about. Again, you hardly ever fight with your friends and you're now smart enough to cherish your family and not fight with them. So, try to think about how much things will change and not take things too seriously right now.

Albert Einstein - True religion is real living; living with all one's soul, with all one's goodness and righteousness.

-Fiona XOXO

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