Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Middle School Graduates 2010

We have come so far, remember back in grade 1? Think about how much we've all changed since then. I remember looking into middle school classrooms and seeing Mrs. D's math equations on the board and saying to myself: 'I will never be able to do math like that! Why are there letters there anyway?'. When I was in grade 2 I thought the middle school kids were so big and scary and tried to stay away from them as much as possible, now we're all one of those big, scary kids and soon we will be even bigger! We'll be high schoolers.

Look at the work we're doing now, if I saw how big all those history projects were in lower school I would have screamed. School work isn't all that's changed from lower school either, we have different after school and out of school activities too. Now we play more sports and we are much better at them than when we were little. Out of school lots of people dance, swim, horseback ride and many other things! Some of us are even getting summer jobs, nothing we ever even thought of in lower school.

Our friendships are even different now, some of us still have the some of the same friends from way back then, but we do different things now. Now we go to parties, when we were all little the only parties we went to were birthday parties. A lot of us go shopping with our friends now too, I remember when my mom picked out all of my clothes! Now we also have dances, remember when we thought the opposite gender had cooties?

When I was little I was such a different person in every way! I'm sure most of you were too! Even the music I listened to, I remember being obsessed with Hilary Duff. I was also very shy, I wouldn't even call people on the phone, now I'm on the phone 24/7! Try thinking back to what you were like in lower school? It's very weird to think of how different you were, it almost seems like that wasn't you! When we're in grade 12 and thinking about graduating I bet we'll look back at our grade 8 selves and think somewhat the same things that we're thinking of about our lower school selves.

So, try looking back at some old photos of yourself when you were a kid, maybe dig out some old home videos. Think about how much we've changed! I know that I've changed so much even from grade 7 to now! It's very weird to think of how you were back then. We've all come so far and now we have to take another big step into high school. Good luck!

-Fiona XOX

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