Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Laziness is something that most people deal with every day, whether you notice it or not, everyone tries to avoid work or something in favor of lying on the couch watching TV. But for some people it's much worse, it gets to the point that you never work and spend all your time lying on the couch or sitting at the computer. Laziness can affect many things in your life, it can affect your work or school, your relationships and your physical health. Everyone is somewhat lazy, but when it comes to an extreme point it can really take a toll on your life.

Laziness affects your work and school because while at the workplace or your school you don't work very hard and just push it off until later, but when later arrives you still choose your computer over work. Soon enough it will become a habit, you will be so used to not doing any work you just never will. Once it becomes a habit it can very quickly get to the extreme point. Laziness often starts with work, then it spreads to other parts of your life.

It can affect your personal relationships by not going to see your friends and family as much, preferring to stay at home, in your comfort zone. Your comfort zone also gets smaller as you get lazier, because you go to less places and become accustomed to staying in your own home. So, you see your friends and family less and soon your bond becomes thinner and thinner and you can easily lose some friends and become less close to family.

Quickly laziness will make you unhealthy. When you become lazier you don't go to places as much, so instead of going to the gym or going for run you might watch TV. The things you eat also get worse, the faster meals that fill you up are normally more unhealthy. Even walking around less makes you unhealthier, walking does not make a major difference in your weight, but every little bit does help, and if you cut down walking greatly every day then you would quickly weigh more.

So, laziness can start of easily and harmlessly, but it can evolve into something bigger and very unhealthy. It normally starts with putting off doing work, then you get into a habit of never working. Then you go out less and don't see your friends or family as much and bonds weaken. Finally, you aren't as active and don't exercise as much, so you become very unhealthy. You also eat worse foods for your body. So, try to notice when you're putting off a lot of work and when it becomes a habit, because it can evolve into something worse.

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