Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tim Horton's Vs. Starbucks

This is the debate I have every Tuesday night, I can go to Starbucks or Tim Horton's. They are both great places to get a little snack and a nice warm drink. Tim Horton's is the classic Canadian coffee place, which every Canadian loves. In Canada if you drive in any direction in a city I guarantee you will pass a Tim Horton's. Starbucks is harder to come across, and is certainly not as Canadian as Tim Hortons, but those drinks are just too delicious to resist.
On one hand, Tim Horton's is less costly than Starbucks and has more snack options like many different doughnuts, timbits, sandwiches and soup. I really find it amazing that in this day and age you can get a sandwich, coffee and a doughnut for under $8!!! The soup is also a comforting lunch. Although, I've found with Tim Horton's drinks, like my favorite, the french vanilla cappuccino, are way too hot! You have to wait about 20 minutes just so it doesn't burn your tongue! I also wish Tim Horton's had those sleeves for the cup so it isn't too hot to hold. Sometimes the drinks are a bit too watery as well, which you won't find at Starbucks.

On the other hand, Starbucks drinks are pure perfection. The way the hot drink feels, especially on a cold winter day, is just amazing. For me having a Starbucks drink completely brightens my day, tasting that delicous drink always brings a smile to my face. The sharp, white cup with the classy green logo on it just tops it all off. When I walk out from Starbucks I always feel proud. The food there is also great! The paninis are to die for! But, the prices are outrageous. They very much over-price everything! A lot of people just can't get Starbucks drinks or snacks because of how crazily high their prices are.

So I can't choose between Starbucks or Tim Hortons, they are both really great. The Starbucks drinks are always perfect, but are highly over-priced. The Tim Horton's soup and sandwiches are always amazing and at such good prices, but the drinks don't have the same quality as Starbucks. So, choose for yourself, sometimes I will indulge at Starbucks, but other times I'll just enjoy a nice Tim Horton's doughnut. So it's your choice, I think they're both great!

-Fiona XOX

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  1. I go through the same thing every thursday too, and i too can't decide.
    Blog wise, great conclusion. it really wraps everything up

    alex Garcia