Sunday, April 11, 2010

When I was younger....

Remember when you were younger? I mean when you were really young, like age 5 or 6. Think about your life when you were that old, then compare it to your life now. Think about your friends when you were little, why did you like them? Think about how you acted and what you did for fun. Think about what you had fights about. What were your favorite things in life? Chances are you played with those friends because your parents were friends. You acted how you did because it's how your parents or teachers told you to and most young children act the same! For fun you probably swung on the swings, played on the playground, made mud pies after the rain in your sandbox. You probably also had fights about not getting that toy you really wanted, or your parents not letting you have ice cream at 8 AM. Your favorite thing was probably Lacy, your stuffed penguin. All those things are so simple!

Now, ask your self the same questions, but with your life now. They're much different, right? Things are more complicated now and people are more different. Now you like your friends for many different reasons, but now when you think of your friends you can also think of things you don't like about them. When you were little you probably didn't have any reasons not to like a friend other than the fact that they stole your favorite red crayon two days ago. Now everyone acts so differently from each other! And the things people do are very different! One person might love to draw, while another might love to play soccer! Now the things we fight about are also very different, now we fight about so and so ditching you at lunch or deleting you as a Facebook friend. And your cell phone and laptop is now your favorite thing! See how much more complicated things are?

With how much has changed in about seven years imagine how much more it will change! When you're older, let's say around 22 your answers to those questions will be very different again! And chances are when you think back to what your answers are now you'll think: "Wow, I was so silly! Things are much more complicated now!" Then you'll be even older! Now let's think about your answers when you're 70! Those are very hard to even imagine now!

So, you see how much things will change in your life. But, in my opinion, when your 5 or 70 that is when you're the smartest. When you're 5 years old you may not be book smart, but with friends and family you're smart. When you're very young you hardly ever fight with your friends and your fights with your family last about 5 minutes and always end with a bear hug. When you're 70 you are very knowledgeable about many things. By then you probably have one thing, or maybe more, that you know everything about. Again, you hardly ever fight with your friends and you're now smart enough to cherish your family and not fight with them. So, try to think about how much things will change and not take things too seriously right now.

Albert Einstein - True religion is real living; living with all one's soul, with all one's goodness and righteousness.

-Fiona XOXO

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