Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Justin Bieber compared to MJ?!

Justin Bieber being compared to Michael Jackson?! WHAT?! I just heard about him being compared to MJ! I would have never imagined that he would be compared to the King of Pop. Michael Jackson has been around for a very long time and worked very hard to get his title, but now teenage Justin Bieber is being compared to that!

Michael Jackson definitely worked long and hard to get his title of: 'The King of Pop". He started performing at a very young age and was singing until he died. Although, he was a bit weird, but most really great singers are. Michael Jackson did some strange things in his life, but he continuously made good music. His hard work and great music gave him his title, he greatly deserved it.

Justin Bieber on the other hand is just in his teens and has only been popular for about 6 months. Justin Bieber is really no different than any other pop singer today. Michael Jackson was amazing because he changed music for ever. Justin Bieber is just copying every other pop singer. Justin Bieber's music isn't even good and the only people who like him are crazy teenage girls who like him for his looks and by this time next year those girls will have moved on to some other singer.

So, I think it is completely unfair for Justin Bieber to be called 'The New King of Pop' because Michael worked long and hard for that title and changed pop music forever. Michael Jackson was also loved by many different people, unlike Justin Bieber fans who are just teenage girls. Michael Jackson will be remembered forever as the true 'King of Pop', while Justin Bieber is just a silly fad that will soon pass.

-Fiona XOX

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  1. Some people also have a different. and Justin Bieber might be here to last for a while. A picture would be good too.

  2. Have a different what? And I do have a picture.....?