Wednesday, February 3, 2010

If I won the lottery...

If I won the lottery and obtained 40 million dollars there is a lot of stuff I would LOVE to do! I think I would start with buying a private jet, just because I could travel wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted! I would also donate about 2 or 3 million to charity. I don't know which charities but probably 1 million to poverty in Africa, 0.5 million to animal related charities and 1 million to Haiti. I would also hire someone to personally create my graduation dress. Then I would buy a summer home in the Bahamas and a cottage in Michigan. I would definitely also buy one of those tickets to go to space. That would be AMAZING!

I would use a lot of the money traveling and shopping. I would also save some for when I'm older so I can buy a sick car and a mansion. It would be hard to save the money, but I would save at least 20 million out of my 40 million to use later in my life. I would definitely use some of it to pay for a good university and education. Some of the money I would give to my friends or spend on them like taking them on an awesome vacation, but I would also give a lot to my family, especially my mom. With all that money I would also go shopping a lot and buy super expensive designer clothes that I could never afford right now.

I think my favorite thing about having all that money would be traveling a lot and having an amazingly large house! Having a big beach house and cool cottage would also be really fun! With the money I would also do tons of stuff that I love, like going to concerts. I would even buy those concert tickets to go back stage and meet the bands that are always so overpriced.

Having that much money is hard to even think about! It's just an insanely large number, but I'm sure I wouldn't run out. Right now I don't really know everything that I would do with that money. It'd be nice to have all of that because you wouldn't ever have to be worried about not having enough money or going into debt. I could also donate a lot to charity and that always feels good to know that you're helping, especially with the situation in Haiti.

-Fiona XOX

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