Wednesday, January 27, 2010

If I could relive a day...

There are a few days that I might want to re-do and change something that I might've done wrong, or wish I did differently. There are also some days though that I just loved so much that I wouldn't mind reliving!

There are a few days when maybe I didn't do something that I really should've, like maybe study more a few days before the science exam! Some times there's thing that I wish I hadn't done and if I could re-do a day maybe I would do something differently. There's some days that maybe I wish I hadn't gone somewhere and just stayed at home, or maybe the opposite. Sometimes I may have said something that I can't take back, if I could do that day over again I could change it so I hadn't said or done that.

Some days I would love to re-live, just for the fun of it, like the day I went to a Jonas Brother's concert, or the day I went to the Cambridge Fall Fair with Emily M and saw some bands play. I would never want to live the same day over and over again, though. Even if it was the best day ever, living it over and over again would get really boring. No matter what day it was living it over and over again you would get very sick of it.

So I think everyone would like to live a day over again just for fun or to change something. Some days people do things without thinking and later they wish they could change what they did or said. Also, everyone would love to re-live a day, just simply because it was a really good day! Everyone has at least one special day that was great, but for different reasons. I certainly have a few days I would want to re-do just for fun and because I would want to change something I did or said.

-Fiona XOX

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