Friday, January 22, 2010

Super Powers!!

It would be great to have super powers. Being able to do incredible things without even trying! You could do anything, fly, read minds, become invisible or shape shift! Those are a few of my favorite super powers.

It would so SO cool to fly because you could go anywhere! Have you ever really wanted to go somewhere, like your friends house, but your parents wouldn't drive you? If you could fly you could just go there by yourself! Also, I really like flying in planes, it just feels really cool! It would be even more cool if you were just flying by yourself, not in some mechanical thing with a bunch of other people.

I would also really like to read minds, but I probably wouldn't want someone to read my mind! Haven't you ever wondered what someone is thinking of you? Like when walking around and some random person kind of looks at you weird, I would love to know what was going through their mind! Also, if someone is talking to you and you're kind of wondering if they're lying to you, you could just read their mind and you would know if they were lying!

Also, it would be amazing if you could be invisible. It would be a lot of fun to play pranks on people. Imagine driving your sister or brother crazy by just moving things in their room around and them having any idea what was going on!

So, I think that everyone would love to have super powers. Everyone would want different super powers though and for different reasons! Super powers would just be a lot of fun, especially kind of because you know that you can do something really special, that no one else can do. Even if some people could it probably wouldn't be many. Everyone does already have something special and unique about them, but super powers are amazing and cannot possibly be ignored.

So if I could have any super powers I wanted I would want to fly, read minds, become invisible and shape shift. To me those are the absolute coolest super powers I could ever imagine. If I could only have one, well, it would be a tie between flying and reading minds. What super powers would you want?

-Fiona XOX

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