Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Future...

The future, it's something a lot of us wonder about, what new jobs will there be? What cool new inventions will be there? Will we all be millionaires? Will cows grow wings and fly? There are so many questions you could think of about the future, but most no one can say for sure will happen. Everyone has hopes for what will happen in the future. We just don't know basically anything that will happen!

Some of my hopes for the future are that global warming will be solved, the economy will be better and that situations like poverty are improved. Those are probably the main hopes that a lot of people have for the future. They're things that are bad now, so we hope that in the future someone will fix it and each situation will be improved.

There are also many new inventions that people now wish they have, so in the future we hope that people will have those. Some really cool inventions I can think of would be things like teleporting, automatically filling fridge/pantry and of course way better computers than we already have. Teleporting would be amazing because let's say you were sitting at home and kind of hungry and you felt like eating Chinese food. With a teleporter you could just instantly go to China, pick up some food than go home! It would be amazing! An automatically filling fridge/pantry would be a thing where you tell it what you would like to eat and it would just appear! You would never have to go grocery shopping or running out of some food that you really want. Also, better computers would be great. That one is pretty self-explanatory. Our computers are already really amazing, but they could always be better, we always have complaints.

So, in the future, there are many things that we wish would happen and things we wish will be created. We just don't know which or if any of them will happen! So, for the future all we can do is work for the future and hope.

-Fiona XOXO

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  1. Lucky Charmz, I think this would be a great future, all the technology and new stuff, I think it would be exciting and fun to live in. Great writing skills and imagery!!