Monday, February 15, 2010

Having a dinosaur as a pet...

Having a dinosaur as a pet seems like a pretty crazy idea. It would be really cool though! Dinosaurs are kind of a weird thing to think about though, no one we know could of possibly seen one, which is unlike many, many things in this world. The only way we can imagine them is through fossils and their skeletons. From there people can create a digital image of what they may have looked like. Although, we can't tell what colour they would have been, so they could have been really bright colours like yellow, purple and green! Or they could have been really bland colours like tan, white and gray. There is just no way to tell!

So even thinking of what a dinosaur was is so hard, thinking of what one would be like as a pet is even harder! When you think of a pet you think of a furry little dog or cat and maybe a cute little fish. Definitely not something as monstrous as a dinosaur! Imagine trying to house train one of those! It would be pretty cool to have one though, well if they were trained... I'm sure it would be the best watch dog ever! No one would dare come near your house with a massive dinosaur standing in front of it!

If I could have a dinosaur as I pet, I think I would want either a Tyrannosaurus Rex or a Pterodactyl. I would want a T-Rex because they're the dinosaur everyone talks about! They're very big and their teeth were huge! A T-Rex in my opinion is the scariest dinosaur. I would want one, as long as it liked me and wouldn't hurt me, because they'd be a great guard dog! It would freak me out a bit waking up in the morning and looking out my window to see it though...

I might want a Pterodactyl as a pet though because it could fly me around to places! No need for a car, if I wanted to go to the mall or a friends house I can just get my pet pterodactyl to fly me somewhere! Those things are also really big, so they must fly very fast, and my friends could fit on too! So if I could have a dinosaur as a pet I would want a cross breed of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Pterodactyl, a Pterodactosaurus Rex!

So having a dinosaur as a pet is a hard thing to imagine, but it would be very cool! It would be hard and probably a bit creepy seeing it in your backyard! So if I could have one dinosaur as a pet it would be a cross breed of a T-Rex and a Pterodactyl, a Pterodactosaurus Rex!

-Fiona XOX

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