Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Last week my school went to a team building thing to help our class work better as a team. We did things like a inuit blanket toss where someone sits in the middle and the rest of the class pulls the edges, launching the person in the middle into the air. It was a lot of fun, but kind of scary because you had to trust the whole group to catch you again when you come down. We also did "Mission Impossible" where the group moved one person around using ropes and they were suspended in the air.
Teamwork is very important, I don't think we could get by without it. Think about it, how many times have you asked someone for help? Or maybe played a sport, all sports use teamwork. Lots of things you can't do just by yourself, you need help. Most people use teamwork everyday, I know I do. Teamwork can be something simple, like getting help on a math question, but it can also be something big, like a championship soccer match. We all need teamwork.
I think that on that team building day for my school our team listened to each other well, especially on "Mission Impossible" during that we each saw things differently and maybe one person knew when or how hard to pul on the rope and the other person had no clue. We helped each other and shared our ideas. Sometimes our team did have a bit of trouble going out of our comfort zone, I know I did. Some people had no problem at all with some of the things we did, but others were a bit scared. We could've trusted each other more.
That day helped me learn about being a leader and team member by giving me a chance to be those things. Sometimes I had an idea and I shared it with the team. Other times though I didn't no what to do at all, and the team came up with an idea. So I learned how to listen to other people ideas, but also to express my own.
So I think that teamwork is very important and that everyone does use it at some point. Lots of people can get better at teamwork though, and that's part of why this day really helped.

-Fiona XOX

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