Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Little Things

Have you ever noticed how little kids and babies can have fun with anything? Toddlers love seeing anything new, even the most common thing like a leaf or the TV remote they can play with and have fun with. As you get older you lose that. Most things only have one purpose, the TV remote is to turn on the TV, not a magical wand. A bed is for sleeping, not playing on. A bunch of pillows and blankets are for bedding, not for a fortress. When you're younger everything is amazing, yet anything bad can easily be fixed. For example if you cut your knee, your mom would just kiss it and make it better.
When you get older you also expect more of everything. When you have a small problem with your computer, or a thread on your shirt is loose it's a very big deal and must be fixed immediately. When you're a toddler a pencil is amazing, how it can write and leave marks. If something goes wrong for them they might cry a bit but then they get over it quickly and do something else!
Everything amazes a young child from a bug to a tap on the sink. I think we could learn something from them and be less harsh about things that don't work but focus on small, amazing things that work perfectly. If you have a little brother, sister or cousin play with them or take them on a walk. See what they like and try to notice the small things like they do. It will be truly amazing...

-Fiona XOX

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