Thursday, November 19, 2009

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, people have very different views of him. Some people think he is the "King of Pop" others think he's really stupid and messed up. I personally don't have much of an opinion of him, some of his songs are fun, but I have to admit he is a bit weird. Really, who else has changed their whole skin colour? People can say a lot of bad things about him, but at the end of it all almost every knows that he was actually a great singer and performer.

Have you noticed that he became even more popular after he died? Why is that? It's happened before, think of Mozart and musicians like him, their music was hated until after they died. When he was alive he was definetly popular, but after he died it's hard to go a day without someone talking about him or hearing one of his songs! Michael Jackson even made an album to only be released once he died. For a long time after he died he was all over the news, radio and internet. But I think that people really don't understand that he was a person like you and me. He had siblings, parents, a wife and kids! They all would have been very upset when he died. People just think of Michael Jackson as a stupid singer that maybe made some bad choices, or choices that we don't agree with.

I think that his death was very public. I kind of wonder what his family felt like. Imagine if your brother was very famous and maybe a bit weird, then suddenly died and everyone was talking about it. Also wherever you went there would be cameras and people asking you about his death. After someone dies you don't really want to talk about it or even think about it, but if it was someone famous you're kind of forced to.

Michael Jackson was a great musician and performer, but we need to think of him more as a person than some entertaining thing. It was awful when he died, but I think that it isn't right that he's more popular when he's dead.

-Fiona XOX

RIP Michael Jackson

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  1. I love how you decided to look at this topic from two points of view. It was interesting how you made the connection to Mozart. Great topic:)